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Result Trade Services is a fully insured and licensed building, electrical services and plumbing company. We are committed to providing complete building maintenance solutions for all types of commercial and residential properties. Your project will be carried out by a trustworthy team of fully experienced, licensed and insured professionals, not contractors. Now that is a Result.


Case Study

Result Trade Services was recently asked to solve the issue of long term water penetration into a townhouse. The owners had already had several inspections from other plumbing and engineering companies. Sub soil drainage problems, broken sewer pipe work, and water leaking from a concealed pipe had been suggested as causes.

The Result Plumbing team carried out a thorough inspection, and found evidence of water around the laundry area and adjacent hallway. Result Plumbing exposed an Electrical Conduit inside the laundry wall. We discovered that water entered the conduit during heavy rain, and leaked where the conduit terminated inside the laundry wall. Result Plumbing then arranged a Result Electrical contractor on behalf of the property owners, who sealed the incoming line at the nearby pit.

However, ground water could still enter the conduit through the joins. Water entering the conduit underground is not unusual, as the PVC jointing methods are not watertight in an electrical conduit.

Generally speaking, where the conduit comes up from the ground on the outside wall of a property, the plumbing solution is to simply drill a small hole in the conduit and allow the water to escape to the outside, therefore not entering the property. In this case, the conduit was located within an internal wall in the middle of the townhouse. The Result Trade Services team excavated the concrete floor of the laundry, and connected a new drainage pipe to the floor waste drain. The electricians then installed a tee piece into the conduit with a drain line to the new drainage connection.

The Result Building maintenance team then carried out the remedial work. The extensive water damaged wall linings and timber architraves were replaced, laundry tiles and waterproofing reinstalled, and new carpet laid. Another lesson learned and more experience for the Result Trade Services team. The only regret the owners of the property have now is that they didn't call us in the first place.

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